Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us? Why American Walk-in Tubs?

With superior products made here in the United States, with you as our focus – your safety, your comfort, your health – the true question becomes, why not?

We Are Different Because We Have Made a Commitment

Before beginning manufacturing our superior walk-in tubs more than a decade ago, we made a pledge. This was a pledge to ourselves, to one another, and to all of our future customers. We pledged to provide only the best products, only the best service, and only the best pricing.

We changed the industry. Our focus on your needs – your safety, health, and comfort – inspired us to create the life-changing walk-in tubs that we have today. We wanted to create the best right here at home so that people like you could find an affordable option in this country instead of ordering unknown products from Europe.

Since then, other companies have sprung up advertising the best products at the best prices, but we know the truth, and we know that when you allow us to serve you, you will know it, too.

A Bit More About Our Walk-in Tubs

Mobility is freedom. When it is limited, life changes.

At American Walk-in Tubs, we understand the difficulties that our customers may have with limited mobility. This is why we developed the lowest-patented step in the industry. At only 2 inches high, we ensured that you would be safe and comfortable while entering and exiting your walk-in tub. Even better, we’ve also created a wheelchair access solution, so everyone is included! If you’re a senior citizen living alone, someone suffering from an injury or limited mobility due to a handicap, or worried about an elderly loved one, our safe walk-in bathtubs or showers could be your perfect solution.  Our tubs are ADA and IMAPO certified, offering maximum safety and comfort to users while bathing.

Our Warranty Speaks Volumes

Because we trust the value of our products and because we value your relationship with us, we offer a 25-year warranty on our tubs not to crack, pit, peel, chip or discolor as well as a lifetime anti-leak warranty on the door seal and jets. There you have it. We’ve covered it all.

Like we continue to say – you can trust us. Period.