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Low Entry walk in tubs

America’s walk in tubs provide a new and highly accessible way to bathe. Our low entry walk in tubs are comfortable and safe. A low entry walk in tub from American Walk in Tubs have the lowest step-in height in the industry, of just two inches. If you are unsteady on your feet, America’s walk in tubs low entry walk in tubs also come with the option of a non-slip ramp for easy access. America’s walk in tubs' low entry walk in tubs give you back the benefit of bathing with total safety and confidence.

Low Entry Walk in TubsAmerica’s low step walk in tubs are a great source of relaxation with our whirlpool therapy option. America’s walk in tubs offers the availability of a six jet whirlpool with a heater. If you prefer showers to a bath, America’s walk in tubs also have the option for custom shower doors. Another great benefit of America’s walk in tubs is the hydrotherapy option.

The hydrotherapy feature of our walk in tubs offers relief from muscle stiffness and pains from arthritis. Our walk in tubs hydrotherapy feature can even comfort the stress and tension caused by a long day of work. America’s walk in tubs hydro pumps have a heating element which help to maintain water temperature.

America’s walk in tubs offers a lifetime warranty on all of our tubs. The lifetime warranty on our walk in tubs covers cracking, chipping, peeling and discoloration. This warranty also covers leaking on the Door Seal and Jets.

America’s walk in tubs will exceed expectation. Our walk in tubs are a quality product that will leave anyone feeling rejuvenated. Not only will you be completely thrilled with America’s walk in tubs but our installers and customer service will only add to your satisfaction!