Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions


Daily life with heavy aches and pains can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Our constant focus at American Walk-in Tubs is to build high-quality, safe, and luxurious walk-in tubs to provide you with the highest level of benefits through the comfort, relaxation, and therapeutic qualities of a warm and gentle bath experience.


These countless therapeutic benefits can be obtained for your sore muscles through hydrotherapy and heat therapy, or absorbed by your over-worked mind through the relaxing scents of natural oils. Our trusted specialists are looking forward to helping you select the best options from our Spa Series to personalize your therapeutic experience.


What bathing solutions will help with your chronic aches and pains?


  • Aromatherapy options from our Spa Series feature built-in diffusers and soothing scents capable of easing both body and mind.


  • Hydrovescent® Therapy uses thousands of champagne-like bubbles to gently massage away aches and pains.  With this unique hydrotherapy, you will enjoy a deeply renewing experience from the crisp, fresh, and hygienic air bubbles produced by your safe and luxurious walk-in tub.


  • High backrests provide ergonomic support to your shoulders, neck, and head to ease pressure on your spine and allow you the freedom to really sit back and enjoy your relaxing experience.


A little less pain is a lot more energy.

We’ve found the remedy and we look forward to sharing it with you.