Walk-In Tubs Benefits

Walk-In Tubs Benefits


What Are The Benefits of a Walk-in Tub?

Have you ever been to a spa? Do you remember that refreshed feeling of renewal of body and spirit that you enjoyed? You can have this and more right at home.


American Walk-in Tubs is here with you in mind. We’re here to ensure that you have the most luxuriously safe bathing experience possible.


Safety – Walk-in tubs have an anti-slip floor and seating along with a built-in grab bar making it easier for you or a loved one to enter and exit. Hand-held and wall mounted shower options are also available.

With your safety in mind, models are available for wheelchair access and to accommodate people who need more space.


Relaxing With Long-lasting Health Benefits – Enjoy the luxury of hydrotherapy jets to make your baths even more relaxing. And it’s not just luxury. The therapeutic benefits of having a foot or body massage during your bath are countless. Add in the aromatic oils, and you’re good as new!


No Need To Worry About Space – With so many benefits, it seems that a walk-in tub would occupy a lot of real estate in your bathroom. The good news is that a walk-in tub could even take up less space than a standard bathtub. Depending on your current bathroom design, you might even be able to gain a bit more room when you install a walk-in tub.