Low Step Walk-In Shower

The Walk-in Shower

Have you been concerned about taking a shower for fear of falling? You don’t have to fear any longer! American Walk-in Tubs has your walk-in shower solution.

Our walk-in shower will give you the feeling of safety and independence that you’ve been looking for.

With all of our features, you will wonder how you didn’t find us sooner:


  • Anti-Scald faucet technology
  • Built-in folding safety chair
  • Comfortable extra-thick pads hold up to 350 lbs.
  • Easy-to-reach controls
  • Extra-long 24” built-in safety bar
  • Extra low 4-inch* entry step for easy exit and entry
  • Extra thick, commercial grade anti-slip flooring
  • Magnetic shower curtain system prevents spills
  • Quick on/off shower wand button
  • Recessed Shampoo and Soap Caddy
  • Seated or standing shower

There’s more good news with this shower. You can have a modern and luxurious look used by many interior designers because it creates a simple, minimalist, yet elegant look, free of clutter.  You can enjoy the benefits of a great shower, the comfort of knowing you’re safe, and an upgraded look to your bathroom. The bonus is peace of mind provided by the many safety features.

Our Shower Stands Out

Safety, comfort, modern design, an affordable price – all go into making your decision when shopping for a walk-in shower. What makes us unique?

We want you to be safe. At American Walk-in Tubs, you are our focus. Your health, your safety, your comfort.  The dangers that arise from too high of a step, wet and slippery floors, and the lack of handles to keep your balance result in big accidents. Remember that one in three adults over 65 will fall this year, with one-third of those falls happening in the bathroom. That number is way too high, and we’re bringing it down, one walk-in shower or tub at a time.

We fit into your life. Your custom walk-in shower doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety or destroy the aesthetics of your bathroom. Just like with our walk-in tubs, our experts will consult with you to find out exactly what you are looking for, and to get the layout of your bathroom to help you to choose the best walk-in shower to fit into your space, your specifications, and your budget.

It’s all about you. Whether you need a built-in seat, a folding chair, several handles, or wheelchair access, we will customize your shower experience focused on you.

Don’t be afraid any longer. With a customized walk-in shower from us here at American Walk-in Tubs, you can be sure that you’re safe, wet or dry.