Everything we have at American Walk-in Tubs is here for you.


That means everything, including our therapeutic add-ons:


Hydrotherapy Spa

Strategically-placed jets that simultaneously release water to cover every part of the body allow you to experience the full benefits of hydrotherapy. Adjust the speed levels to sooth your aching pains, and prepare for a new experience.


With many carefully-researched and selected scents to choose from, this relaxation therapy invites you to take in the benefits of a centuries-old method of soothing your body and mind, all in the safety and comfort of a walk-in tub.

Inline Heater

Transform your walk-in bath into a hot tub with this jewel of accessories. In minutes, you can experience the magical effects of this heat therapy. It will also keep you warm while your water drains. Embrace the benefits of soothing your aches and pains while relaxing in the safety and luxury of your walk-in tub.

Air System

Nourish and re-invigorate your skin with countless tiny oxygen-infused bubbles. When these bubbles burst against your skin, you will feel the soothing effects along with a great sense of renewal. Bathe in this comfort with any of our walk-in bathtub models.

Water Jet System

Create your spa in your own home. Our whirlpool jet system puts you in the lap of luxury. Select this envied feature on your new walk-in tub, or upgrade one you may already have.

Dual Air and Water System

A whirlpool and an air massage at the same time? Yes! You’ll experience double healing benefits with this luxurious feature. Relax in the whirpool while the bubbles sooth your skin. This is taking your bath to a whole new level.


Worried about bacteria? Worry no more! Our Ozonator is a powerful natural oxidizer that helps eliminate bacteria and keep the whirlpool system in your walk-in bathtub sparkling clean. This convenient cleaning system makes caring for your walk-in tub simple.

Light and Sound System

Need something to calm your nerves? Our light and sound system can be customized with the colors and sounds that to fit your needs. Close your eyes and find yourself in nature!

That’s Not All

Here is a summary of the safe, luxurious, and therapeutic features we have created for you:

Therapeutic Features

  • Aromatherapy
  • Chromotherapy (light therapy)
  • Air Therapy System
  • Hydro-Jet Therapy: 10 massaging water jets
  • Personal Hygiene Bidet

Safety Features

  • Anti-slip tub floor and seat
  • Built-in grab bars
  • Easy to turn, quick release drain
  • Auto-gravity purge jets
  • “Safe Water” cleaning system
  • Mold resistant sanitary gel-coat
  • Wider, safer door
  • ADA compliant seat
  • Industry’s leading low step-in
  • Easy to clean composite surface
  • E-Z Access Panels on front of tub
  • Stainless Steel Frame: solid support & long life

Convenience Features

  • A 17″ high Anti-Slip ComfortSeat
  • A No-Strength locking handle
  • Easy-Reach controls
  • Fits into standard tub space
  • Solid-surface easy clean finish
  • Right or left hand door opens inward